Day twenty-five 7/31

Early in the day, we had some free time to work on our individual projects.

Some of us had an art lesson with RUFA professor He Samorn.

I went with the group led by Sarim Soeng, wife of the MCC Fulbright Scholar in Residence for this coming year. First we visited Wat Phnom, and then we went to the Russian Market, where we helped Rita McLaughlin select chhing (Cambodian finger symbols) and coconut shells (for the coconut dance) to use with her music students at the Murkland elementary school in Lowell, MA.

In the afternoon, we attended a concert of classical music at the Him Sophy School of Music. Vicki Ray, a Grammy-nominated American pianist, played selections reflecting the culture of Cambodia, including a piece composed by King Norodom Sihanouk, “Phnom Penh.”






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