Day twenty-four 7/30

First we went to Khmer Artisanry. Its principal founder, Seila Muong, explained how they help improve rural lives by allowing women to work from their homes. They only use natural dyes in their products.


Next stop was the Monument bookstore. I found several books that will be useful teaching resources. I was especially happy to find two volumes of the Cambodian literary journal, Nou Hach.

Finally, we went to the Wat Phnom Arts and Crafts Center where the NGO Chamroeun Petri Organisation (Women’s Improvement Organization) is located. Their recently renovated building includes shops that help sustain and make viable both traditional and contemporary arts. The director, Ms. Nanda Pok, and the assistant director, Ms. Nivana Cheng, spoke to us about their involvement with the community.image.jpeg


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