Day twenty-one 7/27

In Kampong Chhnang, we went to a village where clay cooking pots are still produced in a very traditional way. The first potter we met explained that she pays $50 for 500 lbs. of clay ($250 for 500 lbs of clay plus shipping). She buys the clay. She uses $10 worth of clay for 100 pots   Vendors buy pots from her for $00.75 per pot. She begins at 4 a.m. and makes 10-12 pots per day.
Stage one goes to the sun for 2 hours before continuing to form. Then she waits before finishing the bottom. Another woman  who works on the bottom is 30 years old. She began making pots at 10 years of age.

This series of videos shows some of the traditional  process  to make clay cooking pots.




We also helped carry and load pots for a traditional firing.


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